Decorate Your Parkmerced Home

There is this notion about apartment life that what you see is what you get, that the paint on the walls can’t change, and that the home can’t truly be yours.

At Parkmerced, we’ve reimagined a community where creativity is at its core, and it all starts in the apartment homes. Let our unique floorplans be your muse with bold accent walls highlighted by sharp hints of color. Or work with one of our furniture and design partners for concept and delivery to achieve the living experience you’re looking for.


Parkmerced Living That Inspires

Home decoration is an extension of personality and soul, and our design and decor opportunities at Parkmerced is the key to showing yours off.

We love seeing plush floor rugs grace the wood floors – soft and rich underfoot. The contrast creates more depth and textures to your apartment home. Then, add pops of pink and gold to various decor items, reflective surfaces, and pillows to draw the eye on focus areas inside.

The furniture placement and fabric plays an important role in complementing the decor. Soft, lounge-like furniture like a couch or an oversized arm chair gives the overall feel of comfort and relaxation.

This is a welcomed contrast to the slick and smooth surface of wood floors, where the mix of textures and surfaces stimulate the senses.

We want to see how our residents have transformed their space. Send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter!


Parkmerced Design and Decor Information

If you decide that you want one of our design partners to help you out, just reach out us in the leasing center. However, if you’d like to take your vision and bring it to life on your own (which is awesome), here are some things you should know:

Paint or wallpaper that has been applied must be returned to their original state before move-out. We do offer someone to paint for you for an extra charge.
We prohibit walls from being constructed and from anything being secured to the floors and ceilings (no alterations).
Proceed with caution when mounting TVs and shelves ensuring that there is no more than 25lbs.being secured on the walls.
Any holes made by residents during the lease must be patched and repaired upon move-out.
Let’s get to transforming your Parkmerced home, and create the space that fits your life.