Drink Local: Wine Shops near Parkmerced


Wine has played a significant part in the culture and history of California since the mid-1800s; there are currently over 4,000 wineries in the region—nearly half the total number of wineries in the US. Californians know and love wine, and residents of the Parkmerced apartments find themselves happily nestled among an assortment of renowned wine shops and wineries. Grab a bottle from an acclaimed local winery and enjoy it in the comfortable and luxurious expanse of your Parkmerced apartment. Or take a vintage or two down to Lake Merced for a picturesque wine and cheese picnic under the sunset.

Golden Gate Wine Cellars | 2337 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127

For more than a decade, Golden Gate Wine Cellars has been providing San Francisco residents with an array of local bottles that are hard to find anywhere else. Specializing in rare vintages and limited local varietals, the store employs a knowledgeable staff that will thoughtfully steer and inspire buyers to create the right food/wine pairing, meet their overall preferences, and discover new favorites. Join their wine club and let their experts hand select and send you six bottles each year to broaden your palate.

San Francisco Wine Trading Company | 250 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116

For over 40 years, the San Francisco Wine Trading Company (SFWTC) has been a vibrant local site for wine shopping and the perfect venue for wine lovers and experts. The store hosts a number of organized tastings each week, with some focused on a particular local region and others centered around a specific varietal. It’s a great way not only to discover new wines and explore the various cultures that produce them, but also to learn about the idiosyncrasies of each bottle and glass.

The Rare Wine Co. | 280 Valley Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005

Another local institution, The Rare Wine Co., has grown over the last few decades into one of the most respected wine merchants in the country, stocking hundreds of wines from California wineries and a broader selection encompassing wine from around the world—quite often from regions that are not on the typical shortlist. The shop has received numerous prestigious awards and was named the Best Wine Importer in America in 2002. If you are searching for a truly special bottle for a celebratory evening, The Rare Wine Co. should be your destination.

La Nebbia Winery | 12341 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

For an oenophile’s adventure, head out to La Nebbia Winery, less than a half-hour drive from Parkmerced, to taste an assortment of flavorful red, white, dessert, and sparkling wines. Their picnic area is a perfect place for a quiet alfresco lunch, and there is even a bocce ball court if the mood so strikes you.

Trojak~Knier Winery | 151-A Harvard Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Trojak~Knier is a fairly new winery, having released its first commercial bottle in 2009, but do not let its youth fool you—the owners are true artists who put love, joy, and focus into each bottle. Their wine is always meticulously crafted, resulting in richness and flavor. Trojak~Knier is a small, relaxed space that is decidedly straightforward and untouristy.