Health & Wellness at Parkmerced

As an apartment community, there are many things we need to consider when delivering the right amenities for a variety of residents. These amenities need to express the values and missions of Parkmerced and be congruent with those of our residents. One of those happens to be health and wellness.

In Parkmerced and surrounding San Francisco neighborhoods, there are a number of destinations for you to visit for maintaining an active, fun lifestyle. Because who said working out couldn’t be fun?


State-of-the-art Fitness Centers and Wellness Programs at Parkmerced

You may have noticed some changes and upgrades being performed around our community, and one area of focus is our fitness centers. Your workouts are important to you, so they are important to us and the way to achieve that is to give you the proper tools.

With 12 fitness centers scattered around, we’ll be touching up each one with new cardio equipment for breaking a sweat as well as weight training options to keep everything looking lean (and mean)!

Additionally, our vast green space at Juan Bautista Circle is ideal for your favorite games such as touch football or ultimate frisbee. Stay tuned for more information regarding our upcoming wellness programs such as bootcamps and yoga. We’re still ironing out all the details, but they are sure to tie perfectly into your schedule.


Outdoor Activities at Lake Merced

Of course, we begin with Lake Merced, which is basically right in our backyard. In a previous blog post, we mention fitness at Lake Merced and we weren’t kidding. The nature trails are a great way to navigate the lush setting, and with 4.5 miles of running paths around the lake, it’s the perfect complement to your workout. Let’s not forget about the various gym equipment that they have scattered throughout!


Get Fit at Fort Funston

One of our favorite ways to stay active is by hiking. And while you’re bringing your pups to Fort Funston, you might as well explore what the trails have to offer for you as well.

Most hikers tend to prefer the paved Sunset Trail towards Ocean Beach, where you’ll see the wet dogs with driftwood in their mouths, or you can go the adventurous route. Rough dune trails will depart you from Fort Funston to the south and offer a hike with considerably less foot traffic.

Oceanside temperatures tend to be cooler, so this hike is ideal during the summer months. However, Fort Funston delivers a unique experience in San Francisco where you’ll find a huge variety of plants and wildlife, such as cottontail rabbits.


Recharge at the Ingleside Terrace Sundial

On October 10, 1913, the opening ceremony took place for the twenty-eight foot sundial made of marble and concrete. Many who live in San Francisco don’t even know it exists unless they live near Ocean Avenue or happen to read something about it, which is why we are doing so. The sundial actually stands within the original circular configuration of where the Ingleside Race Track operated between 1895-1905.

Back in the early days of the sundial and the surrounding park, it was to be a romantic setting that would appeal to any young couple considering a new house in Ingleside Terraces residential area.

Today, the park is a perfect way to relax and recharge, which fits into our health and wellness plans when we just need a tranquil area to read a book or catch up with a friend. With grassy areas and benches surrounding the sundial, there are plenty of spots to call yours when taking in the fresh air. The history of the sundial makes the park that much more intriguing and we encourage you to visit it as well.

Where are your favorite places to experience health and wellness in San Francisco? Let us know on Twitter at @Parkmerced!