In Full Bloom

The Man Behind The Beauty

Five years ago, Dan Vojir made Parkmerced his new home after being exposed to the magnificent space and ocean views through his late partner, Michael. It wasn’t just the environment that brought Dan to be enamored with his surroundings, but the encouragement of Michael to seize the opportunity of taking care of the world around him. And it all started with a plot in Parkmerced’s community garden

It began 42 years ago, when Dan migrated to San Francisco from Chicago and experienced the hardships of creating a life in a new city. Dan was determined to climb out from the depths of hard times to reach a path of success. He embarked on a journey in the book selling and publishing world, and even ventured into broadcasting with his own syndicated radio show where he interviewed the likes of Betty White and William F. Buckley.

The book business, and speaking with authors, seemed like a perfect fit for a would-be Renaissance Man, where he learned to be a cook, a set designer, a raconteur, a playwright, a blogger, and more recently, a gardener. He’s learned that his many passions, including community service and gardening, can help cope with the exigencies of life.

We’re happy to know that Parkmerced has been fulfilling Dan’s quality of life, not only because of the ambience that entranced Michael, but because of the people he’s come to know and the creativity he’s been able to pursue.

One day, Dan was maintaining the community garden, where he noticed another resident carrying a hose to water the beautiful expanse of flowers and daisy bushes in the back of his building. That’s when he spied a very barren, un-watered patch of land closer to his window, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The 50 Chumasero Memorial Gardens

The current installation is inspired by Valentine’s Day, so Dan invites all of Parkmerced’s residents to enjoy the “Heart Garden” on Sunday, February 14, from 12pm – 3pm. This will be a great opportunity to take photos amidst the romantic setting or Dan can create a special Valentine’s Day video for you. Romantic music will be playing and refreshments will be served.

Reserve a photo space/time by emailing

The future of the garden is tied to the future of Parkmerced, and our focus on improving the quality of life for our residents. Dan’s mission is for the garden to not only serve as a sanctuary, but as an anchor for future gardens in the community. For us and even beyond our community, the garden, as Michael once said, will make a difference in people’s lives. We thank Dan for calling Parkmerced home and his commitment to helping us make this a better place for us all.