Pet-Friendly Living At Parkmerced

Life in the city of San Francisco does not need to be lived within the confines of the concrete jungle, especially when our four-legged friends are along for the ride. In fact, the vast community of Parkmerced presents the ideal environment for pet-friendly living in San Francisco.

With spacious townhomes and towers, it’s a comfortable setting for pets of all sizes. You can bet when they see the vast green space at Parkmerced, tails will wag and you’ll feel great knowing you’re in a community of like-minded dog owners looking to provide Fido with a wonderful life as well. Parkmerced pays special attention to our four-legged children with fun events, like our recent doggie fashion show


Take Them Off Leash

There’s nothing better than watching our dogs roam free, taking in the smells, and socializing with other pups. Of course, their daily walks around the community are fantastic, but once in the while ditching the leash could do some good. The fenced-in dog park at Parkmerced is the perfect opportunity to do just that. This is a place where dogs can be dogs.


Fort Funston Dog Park

Perhaps one of the best off-leash dog parks in Northern California, Fort Funston Dog Park. This former harbor defense installation is now a haven for outdoor activities such as hiking, hang gliding, and horseback riding. It’s also the ONLY park in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area that allows off-leash dogs.


Watch them run from one side of the beach to the other, roll in the sand, and chase the waves. And another great thing about Fort Funston is that other dogs are usually very well behaved, so there’s no need to worry about them getting along. Make sure to come early, because parking could be hard to find.

Additionally, this park is great for views from the Fort Funston Overlook. So, bring the dogs, pack a lunch, and have a day!

Mount Davidson Park

We love Mount Davidson Park simply because you can soak in some of the best views in the city. With the highest natural point at 928 feet, the park is great for navigating through the eucalyptus forest with the dogs, who will need to be on-leash for this one. This location is great on clear days, but we hear it’s also beautiful on the foggy days of summer when the tips of the city disappear from sight.


The Pet Friendly Lake Merced

Beautiful, serene, and tranquil, Lake Merced is a wonderful place to experience the great outdoors of San Francisco. What’s even better for us is that it’s a stone’s throw away from Parkmerced.

Lake Merced offers great running trails amongst the terrain, and its pet-friendliness makes it a close and ideal place to have the dogs join in on the fun. Dogs should be on leash here, so make sure to keep them close and pick up after them!


More Pet-Friendly Activities in San Francisco:

Living at Parkmerced places you in the heart of the San Francisco energy. Within close proximity, all above activities can take place with your four-legged friends. However, there are other activities in which you and Fido can participate throughout the year in other parts of our beautiful city. Bring Fido is a great resource for all the happenings of our four-legged friends in San Francisco. Enjoy — or rather woof woof!