Sensory Wellness: The Family Unit


Join us for a Sensory Wellness Event at Parkmerced presented by Dr. Jeanette Wolfe. After 30 years of teaching kids and adults, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe of Planet Apothecary has seen the life-changing effect of cultivating a wise and balanced relationship with the PRESENT MOMENT. Recent research in brain science and psychology has confirmed what we intuitively knew about the value of mindfulness in parenting, teaching and being with children.

Parkmerced Resident Services is happy to share with you Dr. Jeanette Wolfe for an introductory experiential hour to better realize how to support you and your family in self-empowerment through the six senses. We will touch upon the benefits of self-soothing skills, rhyme, music, movement, color, smell, reinforcement and education through the Planet PODZ, Dr. Wolfe’s system of 7 characters that embody life lessons for children.

Dr. Wolfe will share the latest research in exploring these questions:

  • What is your role and responsibility as a parent/caregiver? (Hint It’s not what you think it is.)

  • What is your child’s role and responsibility as the child (Hint: They have a part to play as well.)

  • What is the most productive way to view yourself and child and why?

As YOU come to feel ever more aligned with yourself, your children will gain confidence and creativity, self motivation and the ability to overcome fears.

When: September 14, 2016 from 5:30 – 6:30 PM.

Where: The Resident Clubhouse, Parkmerced