The Parkmerced Guide to Outside Lands 2015

The Parkmerced Guide to Outside Lands 2015

This weekend Golden Gate Park transforms into the epicenter of music, food, wine, craft beer, and art. In other words, it takes on the diverse culture that San Francisco is known for in the form of the Outside Lands Festival.

Like every year before since its inception, Outside Lands showcases a distinct unity between the arts and provides attendees with deep levels of connection with the things they love. Whether you’re here for the music, the food, the drinks, or all of the above, there is something for everybody.

Must-See Music Acts


D’Angelo (Friday) – Although, he’d been off the map for a while, D’Angelo returned to the public eye in full force with a new album and a lot of hype. He’ll be performing new songs on Friday that you won’t want to miss.

Leon Bridges (Friday) – Leon Bridges hit the radio waves earlier this summer with a refreshing take on an old genre of music, and 50’s soul and doo-wop was never the same.

Kendrick Lamar (Saturday) – Kendrick Lamar was brought to stardom by doing guest tracks of his own, but now he’s returning the favor by his ever-growing list of collaborators on his latest album. We can’t wait to see what stops he pulls this weekend.

Elton John (Sunday) – Need we say more? The chances of you seeing Elton John like this are slim to none, so you better listen to “Tiny Dancer” and “Rocketman” a few times before trying to sing along.

Taste of the Bay Area


At Outside Lands, you typically come for the music, but you end up staying for the food. In addition to Choco Lands and Cheese Lands, there will be a number of Bay Area restaurants, food trucks, and carts waiting to serve up some delicious treats.

Must-try restaurants include Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers, La Urbana (killer porchetta tacos), and Pacific Catch with their savory Hawaiian Ahi Poke. Here’s the full list.

As for the food trucks and carts, we have our eye on the desserts from Kara’s Cupcakes, Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos, and The Crème Brulee Cart, which is serving up their namesake in a to-die-for fashion. Peruse more on the full list.

Wash It All Down


Wine Lands – As you may have heard, Wine Lands is going cashless where your wristband is your festival ticket AND your digital wallet. There will be an array of smooth, earthy, and oaky wines for your drinking pleasure with some of our favorites being Broc Cellars, Ghost Pines, and Ridge Vineyards.

Beer Lands – It wouldn’t be the same without Ye Ol’ Beer Lands at Outside Lands, especially when your palate is begging for something hoppy and tropical. If that’s the case, take comfort in the beers from Bear Republic, Golden Road, and 21st Amendment. Of course, if you’re looking for the sours, Almanac Beer Co. has got your back.

And the Arts


The art component is hugely popular at Outside Lands where Outsider Art brings a diverse range of daily live painting, musical theater, art-performance, and a special Juxtapoz Magazine installation. There are a lot of fantastic artists set to attend, so start planning your agenda today.

We know you’re as excited as us for this weekend filled with music, art, drinks, food and fun, and we want to hear what you’re looking forward to at Outside Lands 2015. Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter at @Parkmerced.