Car Free-Living Program FAQs

Q: Who can participate in the program?
A: Every new leaseholder is eligible to participate in the program.

Q: If I have a car, can I still participate in the program?
A: Yes. (Don’t be surprised if you don’t even need your car once you’re in the program!)

Q: Must I have a Getaround account, Clipper card or an Uber account to join the Car-Free Living Program?
A: Yes. You need at least one of the following: a Getaround account, Clipper card number or Uber user name/password for enrollment. Sign up for Getaround

Q: How can I allocate the $100?
A: Getaround and Uber need to be allocated in $10 increments. Otherwise, you can allocate the funds any way you want.

Q: Can I divide the $100 between my roommates?
A: Yes. The $100 monthly allocation is automatically distributed evenly between all roommates. Once you enter into the Car-Free Living portal, you can transfer any amount of your portion to another roommate.

Q: If I transfer a part of my allocation to one of my roommates, can I take it back?
A: No, once you have given a portion to one of your roommates, the only way to get that allocation back is for your roommate to transfer it back to you.

Q: Can I use my entire monthly Uber credit in one ride?
A: Yes. As long as you have enough in your account to cover the ride.

Q: When and how frequently can I change my allocation?
A: To receive your funds for the following month, you must change by the 26th. You can alter your allocation at any time and as frequently as you see fit. Allocations are distributed on the 1st of each month.

Q: Does the credit automatically reload every month?
A: Yes. Each month your Getaround promo code(s), Clipper credit, and/or Uber promo code(s) will be automatically reloaded to your account.

Q: What happens if I lose my Clipper card?
A: If a Clipper card is lost, the allocation remains on the card. We recommend residents register their Clipper card online. This way, if a card is lost or stolen it can be reported instantly and the value on the card will be retained.

Q: What happens if I don’t use the monthly allocation? Does it roll over?
A: Yes. Clipper allocations will roll over if not completely utilized and they will not expire. Uber credit expires after 30 days. Partially used Getaround codes do not roll over. Unused Getaround promo code(s) roll over to the next month and after six months, unused promo code(s) expire.

Q: When do I need to make my allocations?
A: You must set your Getaround, Clipper, and Uber allocations by the 26th of each month.

Q: Can I use my monthly Uber credit for UberEATS?
A: No. Your Uber credit can't be used on UberEATS.