Parking Garages

Parkmerced has three parking garages with over 1,450 spaces. All parking garages require key FOB access and are continuously monitored by Parkmerced’s Community Patrol. In addition, there are 4 convenient electric vehicle charging stations in the Higuera Garage and 9 additional charging stations throughout the property for resident use.

Carports and Off-Street Parking

Parkmerced has 24 carports with over 1,400 parking spaces distributed throughout the property, and some are often located adjacent to the leaseholder's Parkmerced apartment or townhome. Off-street parking spaces can be also be leased at Parkmerced. If you are interested in leasing a parking space, contact Resident Services at 415-405-4690 ext 3 or email us at

On-Street Parking

Free, public, time-limited on-street parking is available throughout the Parkmerced neighborhood. Parkmerced residents also qualify for SFMTA’s Residential Parking Program. Residential Parking Permits must be purchased directly from the SFMTA.